Joint Venture

Joint Venture

Gulf Creative Concepts, Saudi Arabia & PMCC Corporation, Malaysia Joint Venture has been offering Project Management Consultancy Services to the Saudi Arabia Market for civil & building construction, infrastructure, tourism development, community development projects.


Real Estate Sector:

Residential, Commercial, Corporate, Industrial, and Mixed-Use Buildings & Housing Complexes.

Infrastructure Sector:

Roads, Railways, Ports, Airports, Urban Development, Youth & Sports Complexes, Power & Renewable Energy, Portable Water & Waste Water, Storm Water Development, Educational institutions ( Schools, Colleges & Universities) & Heath Care Centers ( Hospital, Specialty Hospitals, Regional Health Centers) and Community Development, Tourism and Entertainment Projects.

Industrial Projects Sector: Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Market Survey, Design & Engineering for Manufacturing and Production Plants.

IT Infrastructure & Software Development Sector:

PMCC Corporation, as an established international PMC Service provider, manages projects effectively on behalf of its clients by the application of Knowledge, Skills, Tools & Techniques based on the global best project management practices.

PMCC also help the client surmount various challenges and issues faced in any major complex projects relating to Design & Engineering, Construct-ability, Schedules, Quality, Safety, Critical Materials & Equipment Delivery, Project Risks, Client & Contractors Coordination, Meeting Project Objectives, and overcoming Constraints (Time, Cost, Quality, Risk, and Resources, etc.), Meeting Stakeholder Expectations and Establishing KPIs and Performance Metrics. PMCC customizes its PMC Services to suit each client’s and each project’s requirements. PMCC also offers project-specific Project management training to clients’ technicians, supervisors, engineers, managers, and other professionals.

PMCC Corporation, Malaysia generally prefers to get involved in any project throughout the life cycle of the project from initiation to completion to ensure successful project delivery.

Gulf Creative Concepts Co. Ltd, Saudi Arabia offers various local support including logistics, technical manpower, market intelligence, pre-qualification, and registration with leading clients.

Both combining both the organization’s strengths, capabilities, and expertise, we have created a perfect synergy in our Joint Venture to undertake any PMC Services Projects in Saudi Arabia.



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