Texting Ladies

The contemporary Booty Call Goes Down

We’ve all got that buddy which are unable where to meet horny women put his cellphone down during the bar. The dude who is got eight text talks with girls going on immediately. You’re attempting to get new chicks, and then heis only attempting to nail on the people he is currently had gotten. You are not satisfied. He’s becoming a sh*tty wingman. However you will provide it with to him — the text-message-to-bedroom method often works. Sometimes it does not. Sometimes you receive turn off. And often the lady you’re conversing with provides it in a totally various way. But it requires a lot less effort than wanting to grab in the club.

We’re looking for some real text-message exchanges that skate around a dating or intercourse problem. Those you really have at 2 a.m. that begin with, “Hey :)” and for some reason finish garnering a reply through the girl on the reverse side — whether positive or unfavorable.

Below are a few instances from… ahem… some guys we know.