Our Objectives

Our Objectives

Our first, and most important, the objective is to provide a safe workplace. It is our policy to maintain our job sites in a way that optimizes workplace safety for employees as well as for the general public. The objective is to completely eliminate all accidents involving injury or death. We remain in full compliance with all OSHA standards applicable to our work. We strictly adhere to the specifications provided by the owner of the project as they relate to maintaining a project which protects members of the public from injury or death. In addition, every effort is made by every member of the workforce, at every tier, to prevent unsafe situations on our job sites. It is our policy to completely eliminate unnecessary damage to the property and facilities belonging to the owner of the project as well as to third parties.


High-quality construction is our second objective. It is our policy to meet the specifications of the contract with the owner of each project we undertake. Where no specifications are provided by the owner, it is our policy to use the best practices and procedures to complete our work in accordance with industry standards. We meet the specifications of the owner without the need for the owner’s representative to generate lengthy punch lists. The goal is to have no punch list at the end of a project.

It is our policy to complete all projects on time. Additionally, where the contract identifies milestone completion dates, GCC meets or exceeds all requirements with no milestone deadlines being missed.

GCC’s fourth objective is to give the utmost consideration to the owner’s budget. GCC managers work to help the owner meet its budget requirements by finding reasonable solutions to budget challenges through value engineering. It is our policy to complete all of our projects at or below GCC’s cost budget. By setting the budget, diligently monitoring the actual costs, and identifying budget variances early in the construction process, GCC’s management team finds solutions to potential cost overruns before they become reality and affect the entire budget. Doing so helps enable GCC to manage its projects efficiently so that owners can be assured they will never be assigned unwarranted change orders.