Should I Prevent an Ex from My Social Media Marketing?

That will depend on a few things. Are you still friends together hook up with local women your ex-girlfriend? If that’s the case, then absolutely keep this lady on your own fb pal listing so when a-twitter follower. I really believe that women and guys is buddies — like genuine, platonic buddies.

If in case your new love interest provides an issue with an ex publishing friendly circumstances on your own fb web page, after that she is probably insecure about herself or insecure concerning your connection. Nobody should previously let you know just who getting buddies with. Understand that.

In contrast, if circumstances did not stop really with you along with your ex-girlfriend, this may be’s probably best to reduce ties all together. You dont want to be away from your Facebook web page for over five hrs and get back to a 10-posting string of Tori Amos video clips. Would you? Removing exes from the social media is certainly not a black and white topic.

Your final decision needs to be measured how things were remaining.